Sailing Theory And Practice A Scientific Analysis With 335 Drawings And Photographs Of The Aerodynamic Hydrodynamic And Other Design Factors Which Define A Yachts -

aero hydrodynamics and the performance of sailing yachts - a groundbreaking introduction to how sailboats behave and a guide for predicting the performance of a modern sailing yacht aero hydrodynamics and the performance of sailing yachts is the first major yacht design treatise to come along in a decade with its cutting edge explanations of how sails keels and rudders interact with their respective fluids to make a boat sail and of how to use, seaworthiness c a marchaj 9781888671094 amazon com books - seaworthiness c a marchaj on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers newly updated and revised this critical analysis examines how the search for racing yacht performance has led to the development of sailing yachts with potentially dangerous seakeeping characteristics based upon the highest degree of practical and academic research