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manifest destiny facts summary history com - find out more about the history of manifest destiny including videos interesting articles pictures historical features and more get all the facts on history com, manifest destiny history examples significance - manifest destiny manifest destiny the supposed inevitability of continued westward expansion of the boundaries of the united states during the 19th century, manifest destiny ushistory org - a symbol of manifest destiny the figure columbia moves across the land in advance of settlers replacing darkness with light and ignorance with civilization, manifest destiny define manifest destiny at dictionary com - manifest destiny definition the belief or doctrine held chiefly in the middle and latter part of the 19th century that it was the destiny of the u s to expand its territory over the whole of north america and to extend and enhance its political social and economic influences, manifest destiny gateway arch national park u s - a popular idea known as manifest destiny swept america during the nineteenth century this idea promoted the belief that the nation had a divine mission to spread from the atlantic coast to the pacific coast opening the continent to american settlement james k polk was elected the eleventh u s, manifest destiny new world encyclopedia - manifest destiny is a nineteenth century belief that the united states had a mission to expand westward across the north american continent spreading its form of democracy freedom and culture, the religious origins of manifest destiny divining - in 1845 an unsigned article in a popular american journal a long standing jacksonian publication the democratic review issued an unmistakable call for american expansionism focusing mainly on bringing the republic of texas into the union it declared that expansion represented the